About us

We are a group of professionals who work as a team to provide the most innovative tools and the most appropriate farming solutions. People committed to quality, innovation and service, while respecting tradition.

Objetivo profesional

Our goal, and our raison d’être, is to become the integral support for the professional distributor in the agricultural and livestock sector. A strategic partner that has the backing of large multinationals and that wants to add up in each and every link of your value chain.

We want to help you cover all the needs of our customers with technological tools, technical advice, exclusive products and brands, our own developments… In short, with solutions that allow you to generate more value.

Cecoagro Cecoagro is part of the Aresa Group , who endorses us with more than 50 years of experience in the industry.

What we do

We create products and services of the highest quality to support the agricultural and livestock sector in all its activities. Products and services designed to improve farming productivity and sustainability. Quality products and services guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification.

Iso 9001

Years of experience in the agricultural and livestock sector mean that we understand and know our customers’ needs to perfection. This allows us to put at your disposal all the necessary tools to meet your objectives. We put at your disposal our experience, our knowledge, our negotiating skills, our innovation…

One of the cornerstones of our business is to guarantee a good service. Our products will always arrive on time, in the agreed form and conditions. The advice offered by our experienced team of technicians will accompany and guide the customer throughout the process.

Cecoagro offers a comprehensive range of services with a philosophy focused on quality and innovation. For this purpose, we have a group of qualified technicians with extensive experience in the agricultural activity.

We have different divisions of services and supply of products for the development of the farmer’s activity, managing a global consultancy concept.

Integral service

Technical management

focused on animal measurement and control services, feeding and animal welfare.

Forage needs studies

and silage characterization.


soil needs detection service and advice on crops with a view to improving yield and productivity.

Crop protection

finding solutions to solve crop pest and disease problems, respecting the environment as much as possible, taking into account treatment thresholds and economic thresholds.

Our philosophy is that of a company committed to its customers, seeking their full satisfaction.



Our commitment is to those with whom we share a clear objective: to improve and develop rural areas as a source of wealth for our society in general, and for their families in particular.


To our customers, offering them the best and widest range of products to meet each and every one of their needs, as well as the technical advice they require.

To our suppliers, providing them with the best way for their products to enter the market, in a transparent and efficient manner.

And, of course, by teaming up with our employees, providing them with job stability and a safe working environment.

Adaptacion al cliente

Customer focus

Our customers are at the heart of our business. That is why our raison d’être is to adapt to their needs and accompany them throughout the process, offering them advice at each and every stage of their production cycle.

More than a supplier, we want to be a strategic partner. Our products and services will always be in constant improvement.

We will not be satisfied with just meeting your needs, we want to exceed expectations and innovate every day.

Respect for nature

We live in a rural environment and therefore we do not understand any other way of acting if not with respect for it.

Our products are made with 100% natural raw materials, with the highest quality standards, which pursue the care and welfare of the soil, crops and animals.

A care in which we also want to participate through technical and personalized advice that allows the customer to optimize the use of all our products.

Respeto por la naturaleza
Apuesta por la calidad

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality is total. From the selection of raw materials, through all production processes, to the customer experience… everything must serve this purpose. Our suppliers, our workers… everyone at Cecoagro is committed to offering the best product on the market and the most innovative service.

The ISO 9001 standard recognizes our quality orientation. But the best seal of quality comes from our customers every day. It is demanding, but it is the path we must follow to guarantee that we are their best ally.

Iso 9001

Quiality Policy

CECOAGRO Central de Compras, S.L. has a clear commitment to quality management as a tool to provide a high level of service to customers, therefore, the management of this is a priority objective of our company.


Compromiso con la calidad
The principles contained in this document affect all employees and activities of CECOAGRO, such as the marketing of all types of agricultural products and pet food and the manufacture of mixtures for animal feed, highlighting cattle, bovine, poultry and swine.
This policy is disclosed, understood by the organization and available to the relevant stakeholders, being reviewed and adapted to the strategic objectives of the organization.