Cecoagro has a wide range of products with which we provide a comprehensive service to both farmers and ranchers in their day-to-day activities.

We observe, analyze and choose each raw material in detail, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality standards, and we go further, adding the ability to adapt to each of our customers.

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Fertilizers are one of the pillars of our business, so we invest a great amount of resources in offering a wide range of products with which we create integral fertilization solutions of high efficiency.

We have a wide range of solid, liquid and soluble fertilizers with the ideal formulations for Galician crops, which we will also customize to meet the specific needs of each customer. We have incorporated the latest technologies available to further optimize these solutions: NBPT, DMPP…



specific fertilizers for grassland, maize, potato and vineyards


specific fertilizer for forestry plants


complete range of liquid fertilizers


range of soluble fertilizers

Fertiland ECO

organic certified fertilizers

Limestone amendments

We have a complete range of limestone: powder, granulated and enriched. Always looking for the format that best suits the needs of each customer, so we present these in 30 kg bags, big-bags of 600 kgs and even in bulk.

With these products we guarantee the liming needs of the floor, looking for a progressive and immediate action.

Agroland cal


We prepare the mixtures with the best selection of natural cereals adapted to the needs of each customer, so that our products meet the nutritional requirements necessary to maintain the health and welfare of animals.

Granova cereales
Avantis seleccion ganaderias

Livestock feed

We produce and commercialize high quality natural feed for all species. We do it always elaborating customized, safe and sustainable formulas.

Adaptation to the customer is our basis, our starting point. We take note of your nutritional requirements and then develop the best products for each animal’s production cycle.

Our processes are controlled by a large team of professionals, which ensures product traceability.

Avantis conejos
Avantis pollos
Avantis gallinas
Avantis ganaderias 02
Avantis ganaderias 01


Chicks, chickens and other poultry


Breeding, maintenance and competition



Lambs and sheep


Piglets, breeding, fattening and celtic pork



Dairy cattle: heifers rebreeding, drying and prepartum, production, milking robot


Beef cattle: calf fattening, cows in extensive farming

Organic feed, milk replacers and correctors

Pet food

We develop our own brands ranging from a standard product to a superpremium product. We offer a complete and exclusive catalog of products and brands available to our distribution network.

The formulation and technology used in the production of food, as well as the attractive design of all lines, position us as a reference in both domestic and export markets, where we are present in more than 40 countries.

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Phytosanitary products

We provide the most effective treatments for pests and diseases that affect crops, ensuring maximum crop yields and optimizing production.

We put at your disposal our technical staff, formed by professionals with years of experience in the industry, who will guide you throughout the development cycle of the crop.


We distribute the best selection of varieties of grasses, legumes and cereals for sowing, thanks to which we obtain improvements in production processes with highly efficient formulas.

We provide our customers with the latest technologies that allow us to obtain varieties with optimum performance, both in terms of energy, feed efficiency and hardiness.

A wide portfolio that has a range of hybrids from 700 to 180 cycle, designed to adapt to the growing conditions of each farm. We are distributors of the main brands in the market that provide us with the most efficient corn hybrids adapted to each geographical area.

Agroland semillas
Agroland hilo film

Silage and additives

We have a wide range of products, both chemical and biological, to guarantee the optimal preservation of forage. These premixes of additives improve the quality and conservation of silage, both grass and corn, with highly efficient, non-corrosive and non-volatile products.

The objective is to control and improve silage fermentation, with a view to reducing dry matter, protein and energy losses, in order to preserve the hygienic quality of the silage.

In addition, we work with high-quality, easy-to-handle plastics and tarpaulins that provide good external insulation. Thanks to the absence of air and water, losses due to undesired fermentation are minimized, thus avoiding the development of fungi and bacteria harmful to the animals.


Substrates and fertilizers that cover all the needs for the healthy growth and development of your plants.

Agroland jardineria
Higienico sanitarios

Hygienic sanitary products

The farmer is the first person responsible for his animals and, to help him guarantee their safety, Cecoagro offers a variety of hygienic and sanitary products that will help him in the correct management of his farm. A wide range of technological solutions prepared to meet the current and future needs of livestock farms: sealants, leg treatments, disinfectants…